Viswa IR Gen

Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Control Plan

Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen enables you to generate Control Plan by Linking Dimensions with their respective Characteristics & Measuring Instrument.

To ensure that quality standards are met for a particular product or service you have to implement functional elements of quality control documentation called Control Plan.

In Viswa IR Gen, a detailed Control plan can be generated through the PFC screen with necessary details like Feature characteristic, Measuring instrument, Process, Control Method and other essential data.

To check the Control Plan details, Click View as shown below.

View Control plan details in Control Plan Software

Select Sample Size,Control Method, SampleFrequency and Rough/ Final Value. Click Save.

Select dimension related details for CP in Control Plan Software

Go to Control Plan Tab to view the details. Click View to check the details.

Default Control Plan report is generated as shown below through Reports Menu. Note that the report will be customised to suit your company’s requirement.

Control Plan report generated in Control Plan Software