Viswa IR Gen

Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – File Management

Ballooning software Viswa IR Gen, allows you to import PDF Files as Drawing and mark Balloons. This help topic explains File management in Ballooning software.

Create File

To create a new file, select the File menu and click on New.

File Management- New file creation

Enter the File Name.

By default, the file will get created in the data file folder (Application Folder\Data that is C:\Raisunsoft\ViswaIRGen\Data). The file will have the extension “VIG”. You can see the path for the location of your data file in the Data Directory. To change the file storage path, click on the Browse button and select the required path of your choice. Click Save.

New File - name entry

Open File

To Open a created file, go to the File menu and click onOpen. Select the required file and Click Open.

File Management- Data directory selection

The opened file path will be displayed at the top, as shown in the image below.

File path display

To close the currently opened file, Click Close and to close the application, click Exit.

File Management- Close file and Exit software