Viswa IR Gen

Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Including Images in Inspection Report

Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen enables you to insert a portion of PDF Drawing as an image in various Quality & Inspection Reports in a Systematic Way.

Images can be included in reports if necessary. Many of our customers have asked to display the images in the ISIR report. Viswa IR Gen allows you to crop the images from Drawing PDF Window and save the clipped portion as an image, which you can use further in various reports. Go to the Images tab to crop the image as required to achieve the same.

Images tab in Image Ballooning Software

Click New Selection. Outline the image you wish to crop and click on the button Crop.

Cropping Image in Image Ballooning Software

Enter Image Name and click Save.

Saving Image in Image Ballooning Software

Click Edit to update the Image Name if necessary.

Edit/Update Image details in Image Ballooning Software

Once the image is cropped and saved, Go to SelectedBalloons Tab. Choose a Text and clickthe FCM button. Select the Balloon Text value as an image, choose an image, enter the Quantity, Unit and Instrument. Click Save.

Add Image through FCM to dimension in Image Ballooning Software