Viswa IR Gen

Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Initial Settings

Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen enables you to Set Up Master Entries and generate Custom Inspection Reports for Your Organisation report templates.

Initial Setting

Masters Change from Company to Company. We Setup Initial Master Entries as per your Company Requirement.

Specific Master details like Company, Customer, Operation No. and Operation name details will vary from company to company.

During implementation, we set up the most relevant master entries related to your company. During the implementation stage, all the application stakeholders will work together, which helps make better decisions. By Setting up a proper initial master, we ensure you are using the application more comfortably. For other masters, you can change master data as and when required.

Custom Reports

Specific Standard default formats of the reports like Control Plan, Process flow chart, Process flow diagram and Pre dispatch inspection report will be available in the demo version. These standard reports may not suit as is to your operation.

Viswa IR Gen team can develop custom reports are per your company Requirement.

You may go through the reports and convey any modifications required in the existing reports or if any new reports are to be developed formally through an email. All this can be done using the Trial version of the software.

Below are the details required and the steps followed -

  1. Sample drawing.
  2. Filled and empty report template.
  3. Details on data display in the report fields.


  • Most of the critical information of the drawing is directly captured through the drawing PDF File.
  • You can capture other details of the reports through the data entered in the application.

Raisunsoft Team will do Development, and deployment will be done according to the specified timeline as agreed during the software purchase.