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Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Mark Dimensions as Balloons

Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen allows you to assign a Balloon Number, and then you can set Features to each Balloon and give its related Characteristics.

Mark Dimensions as Balloons

Select the required Dimensions/Text for Ballooning and click on Mark as Dimensions/Balloon Item.

Select dimensions to mark as Balloons in Ballooning software

Appling Balloons Numbers

Once the dimensions are marked, they will be available in Selected Balloons Tab. To number the created balloons, Click the Re Number button at the right bottom of the screen.

In the popup that opens, Enter the Starting Balloon No. and click Apply. Here the Balloon numbering will be applied irrespective of the views created.

Apply Balloon number to dimensions in Ballooning software

To Balloon, the drawing based on the views created, either filter the View first and click on Re Number or Enable Restrict Balloon No. checkbox in Re Number Balloon window as shown below.

Select the Given View to be Ballooned and enter the Starting Balloon No. Click Apply.

Apply View wise Balloon numbers to dimensions in Ballooning

If the balloon position in the generated PDF is not aligned as required, Select the dimension and change the position.

You may refer to the below image to know the 6 Balloon positions to apply for a given dimension.

Six Unique Balloon positioning option in Ballooning software

Select a required position from the Position dropdown and Click Apply Position, and Save Ballooned Data.

Update new balloon position to required dimensions

To view the created Balloons and Dimensions, Enable Show Balloons and Show Dimensions checkboxes.

Click Refresh.

View Created Balloons on the drawing in Ballooning software

To view the Balloon entry in the data grid referring to the dimension in the drawing, right-click on the dimension required. In the available options, click on Highlight Grid.

Highlight selected dimension entry in the grid in Ballooning

The selected dimension entry will be highlighted in the grid as shown in the image below.

View highlighted dimension entry in Ballooning software

To view the Balloon location of a dimension in the drawing, click on the B button in the Bln S column of the grid.

View Balloon location on click of Button B in Ballooning

To view the Dimension location in the drawing, click on the D button in the grid's Dimension column.

View Dimension location on click of Button D in Ballooning

To delete an entry, scroll right to the end as shown below and click on Delete.

Delete/Unmark Dimension as Balloon in Ballooning software

Click Generate Ballooned PDF to get a PDF document of the Ballooned drawing as shown below.

Generate Ballooned PDF in Ballooning software