Viswa IR Gen

Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Adding Dimension to Ballooning Software

Ballooning Software Viswa IR gen imports Dimension from Digital PDF, and If PDF is image only, then IR gen detects dimension using OCR from the drawing image.

When you import the Drawing to Viswa IR Gen File, if PDF is Digital PDF, the program will import all the Dimensions when you add a PDF as a drawing in Viswa IR Gen.

If the program does not recognise the dimensions or incorrectly recognises the measurements, you can still add dimension to the drawing by manually entering the dimension value.

Add New Dimension and New Feature Control Frame before Ballooning

To add a new dimension to a drawing, click on a drawing where you wish to add the dimension and right-click. Select Add New Dimension.

Add new dimension through OCR Ballooning software

In the Edit Dimension screen that opens, Enter the Dimension/Text name. To add a symbol, click on the Q button as shown below. Select the Coordinates, Orientation, Type. Enable Show Text on PDF if the entered details should be available In Ballooned PDF generated.

Click Save.

Add / edit dimension details in OCR Ballooning software

Add new Feature Control Frame:

  1. Click New Feature Control Frame button.

2. On the drawing, place the cursor in the required position and right-click. Then, click Add New Feature Control Frame.

Add New Feature Control Frame through OCR Ballooning software

3. First, select the GD&T symbol in Sym and Tolerance. Enter the first dimension.

  1. Select the “Material Condition” from the list for the dimension.
  2. Type the reference Datums for the feature control frame and the corresponding “Material Condition”
  3. Enter Height and Datum Identifier if necessary.
  4. Click Save.

Saving Feature Control Frame details in OCR Ballooning software

Scroll to the right end of the grid and click the FCF button of a specific dimension to edit the New Feature Control Frame details.

FCF button click to edit Feature Control Frame details in OCR
    Ballooning software