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Ballooning Software – Viswa IR Gen – Marking Grid in PDF Drawing

Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen, allows you to mark imaginary Grid lines in your PDF Engineering Drawing files in Simple Steps depending on Columns and Rows.

When you import the Drawing to Viswa IR Gen File, if PDF is Text Searchable PDF, the program will import all the Dimensions, and you will have many Dimensions in the drawing. If you have many dimensions, then selecting them from the big list will take time, and if there are dimensions with the same or similar values, you may find it challenging to choose the correct measurements when working in various windows.

To help you filter the Dimensions easily, if you assign a Grid value to each dimension or group the dimension based on Views, it will be handy. Viswa IR Gen includes intelligent tools to Quickly Create the Grid and Views

Add Grid

On the screen that opens, click on the Add Grid button.

Adding Grid to the pdf drawing sheet uploaded

In the Grid master screen, follow the below steps to save the grid data.

  1. Click on the Blue column bar at the top (Left Top Corner) to capture Left X, Top Y values and then click on the top left corner of the drawing.
  2. Click on the Blue column bar below (Bottom Right Corner) to capture Right X, Bottom Y values and then click on the bottom right corner of the drawing.
  3. Enter the Number of Rows and Row Starting Value by referring to the drawing. Enable “Is Bottom to Top” if the numbering has started from the bottom of the drawing.
  4. Click Generate Rows.
  5. Repeat the same for Column entries.

6. Click Save.

Saving Grid details of the pdf drawing sheet in the software

To check the updated grid details in the drawing, Enable Show Grids checkbox and click Refresh.

Refreshing and viewing the pdf drawing grid updated

By adding Grid to Drawing, you can further filter the data based on grid value while working on the software.

Filter data based on grid value in Ballooning software