Viswa Smart Inspector

Viswa Smart Inspector –Inspection Report (Quality) Software

Preparing inspection reports by Entering details is often a time-consuming task. Viswa Smart Inspector simplifies the entry of test results. It allows you to enter the test results manually. However, it can import data directly from smart devices such as digital callipers, CMM and other Smart devices. It supports importing data from CSV or Excel File

Viswa Smart Inspector


• Directly Import readings from CMM and other Smart Devices.

• Automatically Fill the Measurement values Directly on The Reports Therefore Saving Enormous Amount of Time

• Data entry Forms are directly available in Viswa Smart Inspector based on Ballooning Software Viswa IR Gen.

• Allows you to Import data from Various Devices and File Formats

• Available Both as a Stand-alone application and Cloud base application

• Automatically Does the Colour Coding on The Reports thereby give A Visual Feedback Whether the Given Dimensions Are Within Tolerance or Not.

• Highlights with Different Colour Coding on The Drawing Thereby Giving A Direct Visual Feedback of The Inspected Dimensions.


Viswa Smart Inspector allows you to work on Files created by Viswa IR Gen. Thereby, it avoids making a separate file for entering Inspection reports.

Viswa Smart Inspector is available both as a stand-alone application and Cloud. Your team members can work on a Desktop / Laptop and access data in Network using Client-Server architecture.

If you choose to work with a Cloud-based Smart Inspector, all the stakeholders can directly access inspection reports from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, we can customise all the reports related to Inspection as per your company requirements.


• Importing Data from Various Devices helps to avoid data entry errors

• Customising Reports for your organisation ensures that you are not changing the process. You are considerably improving your process efficiency

• Data is available to respective team members in both Server-based application or Cloud-based application