3d Connexion

Orthogen of 3DS Net, Inc. is used to produce 2D designs and drawings from 3D models in plant design applications such as Plant 3D, PDMS, PD and SP3D for all disciplines in petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, energy, offshore, mining and minerals and shipbuilding projects. Orthogen produces automatic drawings generated from 3D models of equipment, pipes, racks, instrumentation, etc. It is possible to work with Orthogen - SDI (Standard Drawing Interface), a standard drawing interface that allows users to select from a set of predefined drawing types. Users can see a preview of the results, as well as descriptions and tips for each type of drawing. SDI comes with predefined drawing types that cover all disciplines, but it is also very flexible, allowing users to customize the user-defined drawings or modify the ones supplied.OrthoView, combines the power of Orthogen multi-disciplinary annotation functionality with the interactive visualization and editing capability of the model. OrthoView has a simple interface and portable data set and / or a data set. With rendering views that communicate complex design issues much easier.

Orthogen is compatible with software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation 2D-3D


As project schedules and budgets continue to get shorter and tighter, automatic drawing production and updating is a key element to increasing productivity and lowering costs. Automatic drawings generated from 3D models are created in a fraction of the time previously spent and they accurately and consistently reflect model conditions. Even in today’s 3D world, annotated and dimensioned orthographic drawings are one of the best ways to communicate critical design/construction information.